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Your 1st Step for a sonic payday loan is to fill out the Sonic Payday Loans application. Upon completing the application, you will instantly receive both a conformation page as well as an e-mail. The e-mail will notify you that in order to confirm your sonic cash loan. Once you confirm you have applied we will review your loan application for sonic cash advances.

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The Sonic Payday 2nd Step . After forwarding the application to the appropriate payday lender, you will not be required to fax any documents. Sonic Payday offers no faxing payday loans that are both fast and convenient for the lender and the borrower. Once the lender gets your application reviewed - you can receive up to $500.00 Sonic Cash direct deposited into your bank account. This process typically only takes from 1-24 hours from the time you complete the applicaiton.

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